Flat Equalizers For Wobbly Tables

R350.00 R290.00

From the inventors of FLAT® table bases – stabilize and align your existing tables with FLAT Equalizers.

  • Stabilizes tables with a press of the table top
  • Internal locks provide unrivaled stability
  • Enables the alignment of table tops
  • Independently tested by FIRA Exceeds – international standards for Stability, Strength, Durability & Safety (BS EN 581-1:2006 & BS EN 581-3:2017)
  • Install in seconds. No tools required
  • Saves you time, money and frustration while improving your customers’ experience


We know how diffi cult it can be to create a ‘great’ dining experience; operators have enough to worry about without the tables causing ongoing problems for both staff and customers. Customer complaints, frustrated staff, wasted time, food and drink compensation to customers and having your image and brand tarnished resulting from your wobbly tables can all be avoided. Here at FLAT – we’ve developed our ground breaking FLAT Equalizers. Much of our award-winning hydraulic technology is incorporated into these self-stabilising feet for your existing or new table bases.

FLAT Equalizers allow operators to stabilise tables with just a press of the table top. Equalizers adjust up to 6mm (1/4”) and lock in place to stabilise the table, creating a great dining experience. You can also take advantage of FLAT’s unique table top alignment capabilities. By tilting or lifting the table top in the direction of the adjoining top, the feet adjust, helping to create an aligned surface. FLAT Equalizers are made from the most robust materials to protect against impact and corrosion. They exceed international standards for stability, strength, durability and safety (BS EN 581-1:2006 & BS EN 581-3:2017). The reinforced plastic foot, houses a stainless steel thread which comes in a variety of sizes (metric and UNC) to fi t almost any table with existing screw-in feet. The thread compresses into the foot activating the hydraulic stabilisation technology within. To install Equalizers simply remove the existing feet from your tables and replace them with Equalizers of the same thread size. Use our thread guide below if you are unsure of your thread size. Place your foot’s thread over the images to determine the size.