FUTURA EX Continuous tempering machine with removable screw pump

Price upon request

N.1 Futura EX, 35 kg tank capacity tempering machine;




New version of the tempering machine with removable screw pump and digital control panel.
This machine stands out on the market due to its new patented system which allows for the removal of the tempering screw pump in a few minutes.

The advantages of this new tempering machine are innumerable, primarily the possibility to insert chopped hazelnuts, cocoa nibs and any desired product to the chocolate to add aroma.

  • In situations where special processing is required, this machine is able to maintain the crystallisation even at considerably lower tempering temperatures than
  • usual. Versatile with low running costs.
  • Volumetric dispenser with pedal to control the flow of chocolate. Low voltage heated vibrating table.