Chafing Dishes

We offer the best chafing dishes online in South Africa. Whether you’re looking to suit catering needs, or simply looking to make things more interesting for events and meals at home, a chafing dish can be a refined and convenient means of serving food.

These days, you’ll be able to find chafing dishes in a wide variety of compositions.  Some are made of copper, some of silver, and some of the stainless steel.  Some are electric and aren’t fueled with a flame.  Other lower-cost chafing dishes are disposable, making for a convenient short-term fix.

A chafing dish can also come in a variety of different shapes.  The most popular form is probably the rectangular chafing dish, as there seem to be more of these for sale than any other kind.  However, you should have no problem finding a round top chafing dish, which essentially provides you with a circular shaped dish to store and serve your food from.  There’s also something called the roll top chafing dish.  This form of dish is basically a hybrid between a round top and a rectangular dish, as the chafing dish is rectangular in shape, but the top “rolls” off, making for easy access when the dish is opened and closed.

Other things that you’ll to look for when getting a chafing dish include making sure that the fuel holder that’s included is a high quality one.  You’ll want it to provide adequate adjustable features that allow you to change the temperature of the flame that’s powering your chafing dish.  Different foods will need to be served at different temperatures, so getting this part right is important.

You’ll also want to make sure that the metallic surface of your chafing dish doesn’t end up tarnishing over time.  If you get something with a lacquer finish, you’ll most likely have the adequate protection that you need as far as this issue is concerned.

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