Chef Shoppe offers one of the largest varieties of the best fondue pots and sets. Also, Our fondue sets are made overseas and thus ensure the best experience. Our Fondue sets and pots are a great way to keep fondue warm for parties and get-togethers. Or for your restaurant. Not only are the warmers elegant and trendy in style, but they are small enough in size to use several at one time. At Chef Shoppe, we are excited to offer Andy Mannhart fondue pots to our valued customers.  Traditional fondue dipping ideas work great for these warmers as well. Or think of some new fun ideas of your own. Lastly, even heating technology used ensures that the fondue will not break after being heated for a period of time. We have electric as well as gas-powered fondue sets. As well as different types of materials. These materials include copper, stainless steel and aluminium. Finally, we offer these sets and pots in various colours. All to meet your decorative or personal requirements.

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